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Jul 20-25 Summer Intensive
Jul 31-Aug 3 Glendive, MT
Aug 15-24 Poznan, Poland
Aug 27-30 Gdynia, Poland
Sep 4-6 Rome, Italy

Sep 27-28 Syracuse, NY
Oct 11-12 Jacksonville, FL
Oct 18-19 Boston, MA

Oct 25-26 Birmingham, AL
Nov 1-2 Richmond, VA
Nov 8-9 Detroit, MI
Nov 15-16 Kansas City, MO
Nov 22-23 Lincoln, NE
Dec 5-7 
Seattle, WA


Jan 10-11 Denver, CO
Jan 17-19 Dallas, TX
Feb 21-22 Houston, TX
Feb 28-Mar 1 Seattle, WA

Mar 21-22 Philadelphia, PA
Apr 10-12 Littleton, CO
Apr 25-26 Horse Heads, NY

Jul 26-31 Summer Intensive



Beginner/Intermediate Level:

Participants who enroll in the Beginner/Intermediate Level should be at least 10 years of age and have had some experience with Master Classes and/or Dance Conventions in the past. The sole purpose for these requirements is that we do not want any of the younger dancers getting frustrated or overwhelmed. Our goal is to inspire and excite these dancers so that they return to their regular dance classes ready to push themselves to new limits.

Advanced Level:

Enrolling in the Advanced Level is like being flown off to New York City and dropped into a class full of professional dancers trying to make it in the ‘Big Apple’. You’ll be asked to do difficult leaps, progressions and combinations as well as try varying styles of dance. You will be expected to make mistakes, ask questions, take corrections and learn – all while maintaining a very high level of performance quality. You’ll be sore for a couple of days after the workshop…and you’ll love it!

Both Levels:

Those who sign up for both the Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced Levels are serious about the art of dance. They are the ones who live at their studios, taking as many classes as they can. They live, eat and breathe dance. Dance will always be a part of their lives. These dancers inspire others to dance!


Those who have enrolled as Observers are the supporting cast without which the show can not go on. They are the moms and dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, relatives and friends that come to support their dancers. Once they have on their registered Observer Wristband, they can come and go as they please throughout the weekend. They are required to clap and cheer for their dancers. (They may be asked to participate from time to time!!!)


Teachers may sign up for the workshop just like their students do – registering for either the Beg/Int Level, the Advanced Level or for Both Levels. Teachers are always allowed to take notes. Unlike other workshops or conventions, there is no premium charged to teachers. If you went to NYC with your students, you would pay the same as everyone else to take class. Teacher Discounts are listed below.

Discounts for Teachers:

For every (10) students a teacher brings, you will recieve the next one free. The complimentary tuition can be for any level – Beg/Int, Advanced or Both. Teachers who bring other studio owners to the workshop will also receive a complimentary tuition. Any and all Complimentary Tuition Certificates ARE transferable and can be used by anyone at the studio.

Other Information:

Food will be allowed in designated areas only. Many of the theatres that host our workshops allow food and drink in the lobby area only. Water, of course, is okay.